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      D-coil tattoo machine

      Coil D tattoo machine has a medium spring and is suitable for lines and shadows. Coil D tattoo machine is one of the 12 quality warp machines available. This device, like most 12-warp devices, has excellent impact power and color implantation.

      Diamond blade pen tattoo machine

      The diamond blade pen looks exactly like a pen and is only used for eyebrow shading. This device is very easy and convenient to use and does not require batteries and electricity, which is why most pigmenters use it.

      Golden Tattoo Machine Screw Cartridge

      The 5-time screw cartridge tattoo machine is for micropigmentation work. The screw cartridge device has 5 different motor speeds. It has a display to show the motor speed of the machine.

      Hashour hand pen - Hashour tattoo

      This device consists of shading needles as well as slopes and U-shaped. Microbleeding has a pen. The microbleeding process is done by this pen. There are three types of bleaching pens available in Banoo Ara cosmetics store.

      Iron Lion Microblading Embroidery Pen

      The use of blade technique and blade pen is very common today due to its high delicacy. Many pigmenters try to increase their techniques in this field because of the comfort and elegance that blade pens create. These types of pens are also called blade pens, hash pens and touch pens.

      Leaf coil tattoo machine

      Coil Leaf tattoo machine has a medium spring and is suitable for line and shading. This device has a power of 10 warp coils and is reasonably priced. The coil leaf machine is one of the suitable devices for tattoo artists to start and continue their work.