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Bishop Rotary High Copy

The Bishop Rotary High Copy is completely different from other rotaries. The advantage of this device is its beautiful and efficient design that allows the tattoo artist to work long hours. The body of the bishop tattoo machine is made of aluminum ingots.

CHARMENT tattoo machine

Charmant digital tattoo machine has a relatively low noise, has a digital panel that is responsible for adjusting the speed (around the device) and also adjusting the depth of color implantation. Another advantage of this type of tattoo machine is that it has a long life and this The devices are also excellent in terms of health.

Coin tattoo machine

The main difference between the devices is the power of the coil, the power of the capacitor and the difference in the height of the springs, which determines whether the devices are liners or shaders. Coin tattoo machine has a short spring and is used for lining.

Curve tattoo machine

The Curve coil device has an aluminum body and is mostly used for the body. The spring of this device is medium and is used for both lining and shading. The Crow coil machine has a power of 10 warps.

D-coil tattoo machine

Coil D tattoo machine has a medium spring and is suitable for lines and shadows. Coil D tattoo machine is one of the 12 quality warp machines available. This device, like most 12-warp devices, has excellent impact power and color implantation.

Diamond blade pen tattoo machine

The diamond blade pen looks exactly like a pen and is only used for eyebrow shading. This device is very easy and convenient to use and does not require batteries and electricity, which is why most pigmenters use it.