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      3D Blue

      Tattoos have various uses, including beauty and treatment. Tattoos can be used for permanent facial beauty, known as micropigmentation or facial tattoos. Many women like to have permanent makeup and their face is not always simple and uniform. On the other hand, for various reasons, such as a lot of work, they may not be able to use cosmetics permanently, which is why they are interested in tattooing.

      Baby Blue INTENZE

      Baby Blue INTENZE tattoo color is one of the best colors recommended for line, writing and eyeliner. As most of you are familiar with this color, Intense blue tattoo color pigments do not spread. That's why you can have great details and get great results.

      World Famous Rainbow Blue

      Various applications of World Famous Rainbow Blue tattoo color are suitable for cover around the lips in the technique of color trade and combination in melanin making. Of course, many friends have a problem finding a very good light color, which will be largely solved by using this brand. Rin Bo Blue Fims blue tattoo color is also suitable for body tattoos and is one of the strongest blue tattoo colors on the market.