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American Flamingo ibrown

It is a soft and very professional orange color and has a warm color tonnage that can be used for watercolor tattoos or tattoos that have a lot of different colors. Also, this color is for decoupage eyebrows that have a black and blue tonnage. And have a smoky fit. Decoupage is the process of neutralizing colors, and the American Orange Flamingo tattoo color can also be used to decoupage dark blue lips.

Betta fish red ibrown

In general, tattoo colors are divided into two groups: water-based and oil-based. I Brown colors are water-based, but their technology is such that they are very suitable for the face and body. Water-based paints usually have a dilute appearance and dissolve easily in water if dropped. When you apply water-based paints on your hands, the paint dries quickly. Water-based tattoo colors are usually smooth and uniform and change color less than oil-based paints. Distilled water is used to dissolve these types of paints.

brown bear ibrown

Brown Bear Ibrown is a light or medium brown color with a warm tonnage and is suitable for people with cold skin who like to get dark tattoos on their body or face. It is better to use Brown Beer for people with cold skin (green skin). Because its red pigment neutralizes the blue and purple pigments of the skin.

brown horse ibrown

One of the worst things that can happen to a tattoo is the spread of tattoo color on the body, which creates a very ugly scene, so you should use colors that are professionally designed and produced with the least amount of spread. Have. Most of I Brown's paints are water-based, although in the past they mostly used oil-based paints for face tattoos, but using the latest technology in the world, the company has been able to produce colors that are suitable for face or body tattoos. To be.

Buffalo ibrown

Buffalo i Brown brown tattoo color is a burnt brown color with dark tonnage and is suitable for people with light or medium skin and who like to get dark tattoos on their body or face. It is best to use Brown Beer for people with warm skin (white skin). But if you are going to use Camel i Browner brown tattoo color for people with cold skin (green skin), it is better to use warm neutralizers (orange color for example) or brown colors with tonnage. Use hot in your combinations.

Burgundy Firefinch ibrown

This tattoo color is one of the decorative colors and is very suitable for micropigmentation and microbleeding, the final output of which is a very natural liver color on different parts of the body, while with other colors available in the market, such a natural color cannot be used. acquired.