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3D Cosmetics Color Black

The most common colors used in tattoos are green, brown and black, although other colors such as white and red may also be used in tattoos. The colors used and the sources of these colors are: black or dark blue from carbon, red from vegetable or mercury, light blue from cobalt aluminate, green from mercury or chromium oxide, yellow from cadmium sulfide and brown. From iron oxide or other flowers.

CMARY Plant Black 10ML

This paint has pure color pigments and high durability and does not change color tonnage. CMARY Plant Black 10ML Solid Cube Tattoo Color Output is without a doubt one of the best black colors on the market.

Eyeliner Black CMARY

This tattoo color is one of the main and basic colors, the final output of which is natural dark black on or different parts of the body, while such a natural color cannot be achieved with other colors available in the market. Due to its concentration and weight. On top of this color it is mostly used for fills or heavy shades.