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      3D Chocolate Brown

      Tattoos have various uses, including beauty and treatment. Tattoos can be used for permanent facial beauty, known as micropigmentation or facial tattoos. Many women like to have permanent makeup and their face is not always simple and uniform. On the other hand, for various reasons, such as a lot of work, they may not be able to use cosmetics permanently, which is why they are interested in tattooing.

      C`MARY Chocolate Brown 10ML

      It is a light brown color with olive tonnage and its dark pigment is active, which can be used for watercolor tattoos or tattoos that have many different colors. This color is also used for face tattoos and body portraits.


      This tattoo color is one of the main and basic colors, the final output of which is natural dark brown on or different parts of the body, while with other colors available in the market, such a natural color can not be achieved. The high weight of this paint is mostly used for fills or heavy shades.

      Dark Chocolate INTENZE

      It is a dark brown color with a good distribution and has a suitable olive color tonnage for face and body tattoos, which has made this color too popular for tattoos.

      Love Color Chocolate Brown

      Tattoos have long been practiced in various countries. In general, tattoos that are done on the body with paint are said to have different names in different countries, including tattoos and ...

      PERMA BLEND Fudge Tattoo Color

      Tattooing is a process in which the pigments of the tattoo color enter the body through special devices and the internal organs of these pigments are swallowed and of course all of them change color and the final result can be seen. The process of using tattoo color, tattoo tools and professional tattoo artist will make you see the best result.