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5-digit tattoo needle

The needle and head of the coil and rotary machine can be used for coil and rotary machines. The heads should be in line with the needles and there is only one exception for the M2 needle, which is usually 2 smaller numbers.

Hashour 5P tattoo needle

Nano Screw Needle - Five Power (5P) nano-screw needle for tattoo and micropigmentation machines is a screw or trend (Round) model. This cartridge consists of five needles that are placed in a circle and round next to each other.

Hashour screw 2P tattoo needle

This type of needle is for devices that are installed in rotation inside the device series. Working with devices that have a screw needle is much more accurate than devices that work with T-needle or so-called glass needle.

Hashour screw 3F tattoo needle

T-needle tattoo - three flat (3F) or smooth three-headed needle for tattoo and micropigmentation devices model T. This cartridge consists of three needles that are placed flat on a straight line. The ends of these needles are in the shape of an English T and for this reason they are called T-cartridges.

Pen cartridge 3RL needle tattoo

The 3RL cartridge consists of three compact needles. It is one of the best options for body tattoos for linear women. These needles are disposable and due to their membranes, blood and color, they do not enter the pen device at all.

Pen needle tattoo cartridge Pen-5RL

Max brand Pen-5RL tattoo cartridge needle is used for lineage and line drawing with medium thickness in body tattoos. It can also be used to fill eyebrow and lip shadows in facial micropigmentation.