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5 Flat Liberty Needle

Screw tattoo needle, also known as micro device screw cartridge needle, is used for devices that eat screw cartridges and come in sizes 1P - 2P - 3P - 3F - 5F - 5P -7F - 7P - 9P - 9F are available.

5-digit micropigmentation T cartridge needle

The micro T cartridge needle is the device needle for the face. In general, the needles of the devices used for the face are divided into two categories: T-cartridge needles and screw cartridges.

5-digit Moshape cartridge needle

Another economical cartridge that has a good and high quality along with a reasonable price is the Hawk cartridge of Muship brand. As mentioned before, the needle of the pen is excellent in terms of quality and safety, and it has less error than the needle of the head plate.

5-digit stigma cartridge needle

Stigma brand Hawk cartridges have become very popular among all tattoo artists due to their high accuracy, quality and ease of use. Tattoo artists can use cartridges to use cartridges on coil and rotary devices.

EZ 5-digit cartridge needle

You can save time by using the English brand EZ Hawk cartridges instead of needles and cap guns. The quality of the needle of the pen machine is far higher than the needle of the gun. Most Iranian tattoo artists use the English brand Hawk cartridge EZ. In terms of safety and quality, cartridges have a higher quality grade than head needles.

Pen cartridge 3RL needle tattoo

The 3RL cartridge consists of three compact needles. It is one of the best options for body tattoos for linear women. These needles are disposable and due to their membranes, blood and color, they do not enter the pen device at all.