Anti-wrinkle round eyes

      As the age increases and the time passes, it is also better to prevent the formation and deepening of these lines from lower ages, with the natural conditions that occur, such as laughter, flickering lines under the eyes, around the lips and forehead. Use anti-wrinkle creams. These creams with collagen and moisture for the skin underneath the eye cause tightening of the skin and prevent the skin from loosening and drooping and creating wrinkles and wrinkles. Some people think that fatting and using any moisturizing cream can be more harmful to your eyes. Because eye creams are very emollient formulations that are different from the rest of the creams. It should be noted that the way of taking these creams is very important when using the worms, they should be done as very slowly tapping and avoid fingers on the skin under the eye because it itself causes injury The eye is Slow blows around the eyes can increase circulation at that point. To use the ring finger, use it with the softest touch.