dental floss

Toothbrushing alone is not enough for the health of the teeth. One of the things that can be used to clean the teeth between the teeth and the important recommendations of each medicine are the teeth. In fact, using dental flosses, there are some parts The tooth that was cleaned by brushing brushing is a teeth that cleans germs and bacteria between the teeth.
Multi-threaded dental floss made of nylon and single-stranded Teflon.
The proper use of dental floss is very important in the following:
Dental floss must surely hit the gum as it clears it
Dental floss If the thread is broken or ruptured when using it, the cause can be the decay of the two teeth, or the mass in that part.
Dental floss clamps can be used to make it easier to use than dental floss.
Dental floss has many different types: wax, no wax, flavors