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One of the cosmetics brands is the Iranian brand Beka. This product is an eyebrow lifting and stabilizing soap. Today, regularly maintaining natural eyebrows is one of the current trends in the world and this requires the use of products to stabilize the eyebrows. Beka Eyebrow Soap contains rose snake extract, which helps strengthen and thicken the brows.
50,000 تومان

Essence model 1201 eyebrow lifting soap

The Essence Eyebrow Lifting Soap contains rosemary extract, which strengthens and thickens the eyebrows and lasts for 24 hours. Essence Eyebrow Lifting Soap makes your brows look beautiful without creating whiteness.
14,700 تومان


Diva Honey Eyebrow Soap is a product of the Iranian brand Diva. This product is an eyebrow lift and conditioner which, thanks to the formulation of organic and natural ingredients, not only does not make the eyebrows fall out, but also helps to strengthen them. Using this eyebrow soap will give a smooth look to your brows.
315,000 تومان

Essence Eyebrow Lifting Soap

Reputable brand Essence essence has also produced eyebrow lift soap with reasonable quality and price. In addition to lifting and creating the desired shape of the eyebrows, this product, by having rosemary in its formulation, also strengthens and thickens the eyebrows. How to use Essence Eyebrow Lift Soap is that you first moisten the surface of an eyebrow brush with water spray or fixed spray.
19,500 تومان

Essence eyebrow soap volume 46 ml

The Essence brand is one of the reputable brands that produces eyebrow lifting soap. In addition to lifting and creating the desired shape of the eyebrows, this product, having rosemary in its formulation, also strengthens and thickens the eyebrows. Essence Eyebrow Lifting Soap has healthy, high-quality ingredients and has a long shelf life. This product does not whiten the eyebrows after drying and keeps the shape of the eyebrows in order for a long time.

Eyebrow lifting soap

Lifting eyebrow soap has a new vacuum (seal) package. This eyebrow soap comes with two extra brushes. Lifting eyebrow soap contains vitamin E, coconut oil, antibacterial agents and glycerin.
74,999 تومان

Eyebrow lifting soap rosin model L1

These days, Hashuri Ventral eyebrows have become very popular, in fact, eyebrow soap helps you to take your eyebrows out of drooping position and stay set upward. Unlike similar products, a spray solution is not required to use the product. Roserin Eyebrow Soap uses all-vegetable and brow strengthening oils.
35,000 تومان

Health Beauty Herbal Eyebrow Soap

Eyebrow soap is one of the best eyebrow styling tools. Many women dissatisfied with the condition of their eyebrows achieve the desired result with regular use of eyebrow soap. Therefore, in the upper part of the face, that is, the eyebrows, are among the most basic parts of the face, which will be effective in the first meeting. You can give the best shape and effect to your brows in the shortest time with the help of a simple brow brush from Health Beauty Herbal Eyebrow Soap.
70,000 تومان

Hirad Eyebrow Lift Soap

Use Hirad eyebrow lift soap to make your face more beautiful. For eyebrow lift, be sure to use soaps that have a high percentage of glycerin, and for your eyebrow lift, you definitely need a brush to do the lift properly.
35,000 تومان

Lifting soap for rabbit eyebrows model ark10

55,000 تومان

Mac Eyebrow Soap - Essence and Becca Original

Mac, Essence and Beka Eyebrow Soap, which is one of the eyebrow soaps and some women also use it for their eyelashes, gives an amazing natural beauty and softness to the eyebrows, which makes the face more attractive. The price of Mac eyebrow soap is also very reasonable, despite its efficiency and effects on the beauty of the face. The Mac Eyebrow Soap Pack comes with a small brush that can be used to lather your brows.
48,000 تومان

Morley Eyebrow Soap

Eyebrow soap, which can actually be called a more complete eyebrow lifting soap, is one of the cosmetics that may be unknown to some. However, many women use eyebrow soap to beautify their brows. Eyebrow soap is one of the best eyebrow styling tools. Many women dissatisfied with the condition of their eyebrows achieve the desired result with regular use of eyebrow soap. Morley Temporary Eyebrow Lift Soap is a new face finishing product. Regular, shiny and well-groomed brows contribute a lot to the beauty of the face.
58,000 تومان

New Face Eyebrow Lift Soap Code i100

75,000 تومان

Snail slime eyebrow soap with a special brush

As you know, these days, the eyebrows of the Hashuri and Natural models have become very popular. In fact, eyebrow soap helps you keep your brows drooping and set upward. Eyebrow soap The original kiss beauty metal box with snail extract is one of the products that can help you fix your eyebrows.
80,000 تومان

Very often  more beautiful  , by act of  rollback  . In this way, no matter how long you take from it, after a while you  go back with the trends and trends of  that time  , and man tends to use things that were done in the past, just like Using  copper utensils, using traditional tools  , etc. It is more  associated  with braces than  is true  .

Analyzing  the cosmetics   on the market, we can see that the  eyebrows, wide and thick  , like the famous models of the  decade of the 90s  , are back in fashion and most of the women  thick eyebrows and pancakes  are  In fact  , eyebrow patterns have  changed significantly in recent years.

Few women are found who do not regret having  their eyebrows removed or thinned  during adolescence. In the past, many  girls and women  tended to  thin their eyebrows  to the point that sometimes not even an eyebrow remained on their face  .

In today's modern world,  new cosmetic products   have been  introduced   to  increase the thickness and thickness of the eyebrows  , which helps to have   fashion eyebrows and eye makeup , and it doesn't matter what our natural eyebrows look like anymore   . Of course, these  cosmetics are   not   harmless or many users of these products  are  unaware of  their side effects  and many believe that these products can  increase skin sebum  and negatively impact their  appearance and makeup  .

 Some other women,  tattooing their brows   in a certain way, separate themselves from the turbulent world of  changing patterns and shaping their brows  and choose an almost fixed shape for  their brows  . But now, the fashion world is more inclined to  judge the natural appearance of  each person, and  cosmetic trends  are based on this principle  .

The eyebrow patterns  this year are very similar to  the natural shape of the eyebrows  . Patterns, some of which are referred to as  intact brows  , are actually  wide brows  that retain  their original natural shape  .

Eyebrow soap |  Types of eyebrow soap

Makeup with eyebrow soap:

The  products eyebrow soap  is to  curl the eyebrows   , we are using this  cosmetic surgery  which will succeed in the  shortest time and with the lowest cost  of the eyebrow case, we must note that today  eyebrow pancakes  are popular and have taken back their  old man  .

You've often have heard of  soap  for  eyebrows  by large  hairdressers  on  social networks like Instagram  . Eyebrow soap is a type of  eyebrow cleanser  that replaces the  eyebrow gel  . Perhaps at first glance, they sound  anomalous  , but  Barbieri  these techniques due to the  cheap  and  strong  availability  of the  hair  they use  .

Usage of Eyebrow Lift Soap:

If you remember, until a few months ago, very thin and framed eyebrows were in fashion, but today girls and women have turned to wide eyebrows, and I had a wide eyebrow has become a symbol of beauty today. One of the most popular products today is eyebrow soap. Eyebrow soap has replaced eyebrow gel and hairdressers use it to condition and strengthen eyebrow hair.

Which eyebrow soap is right for you?

Do not use eyebrow soap. The first thing to note is the presence of glycerin in the eyebrow soap. Eyebrow soaps contain low pH glycerin and give your brows a great look and prevent them from burning. Of course, if clear eyebrow soaps contain glycerin.

Eyebrow Lift Soap Application and How to Use It:

To have a good eyebrow, do the following:

Ingredients for working with eyebrow lifting soap:

1. A clean, damp brow brush

2. An eyebrow soap

Eyebrow soap application

How the eyebrow soap works:

First, wash your face, then dry the skin and go to the eyebrow comb, moisten it a little and soak it in the soap. Keep in mind that your shoulders shouldn't get too wet as it will dilute the soap and eventually scrub it.

Now comb the eyebrow hair from top to bottom and then give the eyebrows the shape you want. Then let the soap dry on the eyebrow hair.

To clean them, just rub the soaps with a damp cloth to make them look nice, clean and attractive.

What are the benefits of eyebrow soap?

It may have happened to some of you that even with laminated eyebrows, some of the eyebrow hair did not lift easily. Eyebrow soap is a paste-shaped soap that is applied to the hair of the eyebrows and remains as an ointment. If you choose the right eyebrow soap, your brows will keep their shape for a longer period of time and as a result, they will be thicker and thicker.

Positive effects of eyebrow lifting:

1. The eyebrow lift improves the look of the eyebrows by raising the eyebrows.

2. Lifting your eyebrows makes you look younger because one of the signs of aging is drooping eyebrows.

3. Use this method if you want to have wide eyebrows without tattoos.

Is it harmful to use eyebrow soap?

Is it harmful to use eyebrow soap?

No. Because soaps affect the skin. However, soaps left on your brows and skin for a long time can cause allergies, especially if you have sensitive skin. So it's best to use natural products like shea butter, honey or vanilla soaps.

Because these soaps contain nutrients like glycerin and are suitable for sensitive skin. But you can test the soap on your skin to see if you have allergies.


  • Do not use eyebrow lifting soap. If you don't have eyebrow soap, temporarily use glycerin soap.
  • This method is not permanent and disappears after each wash.
  • If your facial skin is sensitive, it is best to use special soaps.

Eyebrow Lifting Soap |  Eyebrow gel

What is eyebrow gel?

Eyebrow gel  , like eyebrow soap, is a  cosmetic tool  used to  lift the eyebrows and pull them up  and is less harmful. Most women believe that  eyebrow gel works like  hair gel  and they both  have similar uses   for  stabilizing the  condition of the  hair  .

Women who have  thick and long eyebrows  , with an eyebrow gel, they can easily  eyebrows in day mode  and  fill  the  space between the eyebrows  . If you are one of those people who have  thin eyebrows  , with the help of the  eyebrow gel,  you can  shape and strengthen your brows  .

To  shape the  eyebrows  , with the help of a gel brush, change the  hair of the crown upwards and the hair in the middle of the eyebrows in a horizontal position,  and for  the tail of the eyebrows  , it is better to comb the hair  towards  the  bottom  . After you are done, let  the liquid gel  on your  brows dry  perfectly   and  fix  it  .


In general, the  gel eyebrows   as a mascara for the eyebrows and the color of the eyebrows  work, except for the fact that its compatibility with the eyebrows, compared to other products, has a  consistency  more  clear  and  Pigments  less it  is  .

Which brow gel or brow soap is better?

Which brow gel or brow soap is better?

As for compliance standards in  cosmetic products  ,  gel eyebrows  in   a way that is easy to  hold  does not affect the eyebrows in the long term   they cannot maintain  .  The gels are  water based  and when the  skin sweats  ,  its preservative is  lost.

On the other hand,  soap  has  a thicker layer than gel and powder  and  increases its strength and durability  . However, it should be known  that the continuous use of soap  can cause  irritation  and  inflammation  due to the high  pH   of the soap. If we use a  lot  of  foundation  when applying  makeup  around our  brows  , combining it with lots of soap won't be interesting  . 

Which eyebrow soap is suitable for use?

Those who intend  to clean and clean their brows  are can't  use any  soap , the materials that soap shouldn't have  soap  is  glycerin-containing soap eyebrows  has a   lower pH   and   prevent eyebrow burning and  eyebrows fashions  Most  hairdressers Professionals recommend the  use of  clear eyebrow soap  . More transparent soaps with  glycerin  are alone and can be used from the  condition of their eyebrows  to maintain and eyebrows grooming  done  . 

Tips before using eyebrow soap

Before using eyebrow soap, you should know the following points  :

Before using  soap eyebrows  instead of  gel eyebrows, you  should keep in mind that the use of soap eyebrows should pay attention to cases of  skin and eyebrow damage to  be avoided  .

- Use a mild eyebrow soap

To use the soap to the eyebrows, the soap  gentle to the eyebrows is  a better option, because it prevents  the negative effects on the skin and capelli.Dobbiamo   also note that the  soap  does not cause  allergies  , it is better to use  soaps  with  glycerin  to  improve  condition of the  eyebrows  .

- Brushing too many eyebrows

You have to use the  eyebrow soap  of a  brush with a series of programs  we use and the mode you want for the  eyebrows  make-brush too much the eyebrows should avoid because it makes the  eyebrow hair  poor  , as well as after   drying the soap on the eyebrows  By  brushing the eyebrows they  will  separate the eyebrow hair from the skin  .

Brushing too many brows

- The   pH of the   eyebrow   soap  is important

The skin  and  hair  have an  acidic surface  , but the  soap to  the  eyebrows  has  an alkaline surface  . Using a  soap with a   high  pH   causes  our skin to become dry and flaky  over the long term, so it's better than a  soap that has a  pH  that is   suitable  for the  condition. Give the eyebrows to  use  .

- Lifting eyebrow soap

Fortunately,  big brands  around the world have started producing soap that can be used for  eyebrow lifting  . However, the use of  home brow lift soap  is even more common; The reason is the use of natural ingredients in some of these soaps. Even in Iran, many  Instagram pages have  started  selling eyebrow soaps  made from natural materials to compete with the big brands. Many of these  household soaps  use  natural wax  .

The most common use for soap  eyebrows  is for the  lifting of the eyebrows  and is used mainly for this purpose, but some people also use the  soap  for  eyebrows  to  rejuvenate the face  , especially if the  soap to  the  eyebrows is  made of  natural wax  . Due to the properties of natural wax, Eyebrow Soap can also be  a suitable option for brow lift  . However, due to the type used in the eyebrows, as much as the   known  eyebrow soap .

Lifting eyebrow soap

Making Eyebrow Soap With Natural Wax:

Natural beeswax  produced by  bees  has unique properties   that are not easily found in any other substance. Of course, in  the eyebrow soap preparation method  ,   other ingredients such as glycerin are also used   to add some other properties to the  soap  . However dare to say even  wax   alone can also be used as a   used  soap .

The wax  gives elasticity to the skin  . This is one of the reasons for making  different types of lip balm  using  natural beeswax   . In addition to this feature, the wax can be applied as  a protective layer on the surface of the skin  . These two properties of the  wax are  enough to be used to  make eyebrow lifting soap  .

When  lifting the eyebrows  , you protect the skin, provide the  necessary materials for the skin  and  raise the eyebrows  The elasticity of the  wax  d '  bees  helps to raise  eyebrows  with no  side effects  . This means that the  eyebrow lifting is done with the eyebrow soap  in the best possible way.

Eyebrow lift with eyebrow soap

Eyebrow lift with glycerin soap:

We can easily  lift our brows  with just a  bar of soap  and a  mascara pen  that we no longer use. To shape our  brows  , we first wash and dry our face thoroughly  with cosmetic cleansers  .  Then go for a  clean brow brush  and  moisturize it  a little.  We must  be aware that  the high humidity brush should not  be  , because in this case very diluted soap and use it on the eyebrows to work  the  curves  .

On the other hand, the  brush   should not be  too dry  , because not enough moisture is provided for the  soap emulsion   in this condition. After  moistening the brush, we  draw it on a piece of  solid soap  until the soap evenly covers the entire  surface of the brush  .   To do this we can   use  cosmetic soap  , this  soap soaked brush  to  comb the eyebrows  and has the  eyebrow hair   on the part upper and out from the eyebrow  forward  . 

Once we have  styled our brows  , let the  soap  dry  on your  brows  . After the soap has dried, we will notice that  some parts of the eyebrows need to be cleaned   This usually happens at the  edges of the eyebrows  , where white soap grains may appear   after drying.

To do this, we can use a  cosmetic washcloth  or  damp cotton  . Gently cleanse the  area around the eyebrows  of soap remnants   and then apply makeup to the rest of the face   .

Properties of glycerin soap

What are the properties of glycerin soap and what is suitable for the skin?

Unlike many soaps on the market,  glycerin soap is completely natural and free from fragrances or chemicals  . This makes it  vegetarian-  friendly soap   and a great choice for people with  sensitive skin  .  The natural oils of   our  skin  often run out during baths, both in contact with  hot water and  using  aggressive products  .

But  glycerin  can help  lock in the skin's natural oils and moisture  and prevent  excessive dryness  . This can be especially helpful when you have  dry skin  with acne, dry skin, psoriasis, rosacea, and dermatitis (  eczema  ).

At the same time,  glycerin  is  fat-free  . This means it can also be a good choice for  oily  or  normal skin  . Additionally,  glycerin soap  can  have anti-aging properties   . According to a study in mice, this substance can even help  skin tone and texture  . This can reduce the  appearance of lines and other spots on the skin  .

Introducing different models of eyebrow lifting soap

Today, many girls care about the beauty of their face and makeup and use special cosmetics for this purpose. They use eyebrow lift soap to have attractive brows. Today, eyebrow lifting soap is a new product for lifting eyebrows. Below we will introduce you to some products of famous brands.

Mac Eyebrow Soap:

The Mac brand is a famous and important brand that has a lot of cosmetic products and today has introduced a new product called Mac Eyebrow Soap which is of the highest quality and makes the brows very beautiful and easy to work with.

Mac Eyebrow Lift Soap Application:

  • Eyebrow lift
  • Eyebrow modeler
  • Duration 24 hours
  • Without creating whiteness on the eyebrows
  • Reasonable price versus good quality

Mac Eyebrow Soap

Essence Eyebrow Soap:

Essence Eyebrow Soap is also a high quality product which is reasonably priced in addition to quality.

Application of Essence Eyebrow Lift Soap:

  • Strengthener for eyebrows
  • Eyebrow conditioner
  • Shelf life up to 24 hours
  • Corrects the shape of the eyebrows.

How to use Essence eyebrow soap:

You need a brush to apply each brow soap so you can use it to shape your brows. You can also use your finished mascara brush.

First, moisten the eyebrow brush with a fixed spray or water spray, then apply Essence to the eyebrow lift soap to dip the brush into the soapy substance.

Now pull the brush over your brows, comb your brows down first and then style them up and style them to your liking. Then wait a few minutes for it to dry and stay in place. At this point, your work is done.

Essence Eyebrow Lifting Soap

Beka Eyebrow Lifting Soap:

This type of eyebrow soap, in addition to the quality, high durability and use of natural materials, is also reasonably priced and every time you use it, you can make your eyebrows into the desired shape with a small amount, so it has a long service life and now you can use it.

This brow soap contains rosemary extract and helps strengthen and thicken the brows.

Features of Beka Eyebrow Soap:

  • High quality
  • large volume
  • Reasonable and economical price
  • Without creating white on the eyebrows
  • Iranian brand licensed from Italy

How to use Beka eyebrow soap:

First, moisten the coil with water spray or fixed spray, then rub it on the soap and dip it in the soap, then comb your brows into the desired shape and wait for it to dry.

Beka eyebrow lifting soap

Diva Honey Eyebrow Soap:

This eyebrow soap is an Iranian brand made with organic and natural materials that strengthen the eyebrows. The use of this eyebrow soap gives a smooth look to the eyebrows.

Features and application:

  • Increase the thickness of the eyebrows
  • Based on coconut oil and honey.
  • Attractive packaging with sliding lid
  • It has a reel
  • Lifting and eyebrow conditioner

Diva Eyebrow Lifting Soap

Hirad Eyebrow Soap:

Hirad Eyebrow Soap, like other eyebrow soaps, has good quality and price. Makes your brows plump and in shape. Use this brow soap like any other brow soap. First, lightly moisten the brush and rub it on the soap, then style it on your eyebrows.

Features and application:

  • The price is right
  • Eyebrow shaper and filler
  • Appropriate size