Hair care

Today, due to the excessive use of hair dyes and all kinds of powdered powders and their injuries, hair care has become a dilemma among women. Also, the unconventional use of a hairdryer, iron and babylon eliminates the protein contained in the hair and, in the end, causes hair to dry and shoots the hair. One of the methods of hair care is the use of a variety of softeners and hydrating masks. There are many ways to care for hair. Some people go for natural treatments, others use multiple shampoos, creatine, masks, and so on, each of which is on its own They help you keep your hair healthy. But the advice of all experts in this area is to paint the hair with the original hair color as well as ammonia oxidants, although the moon will shorten a narrow two-centimeter hair from your hair. Use proper hair shampoos. You can also use zinc pill to help prevent and prevent hair loss.