hair color

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      Golden Rose White Haired Steak

      Golden Rose White Haired Steak
      43,400 تومان

      Spray Conicher root hair Loral

      Spray Conicher root hair Loral
      48,000 تومان

      Hair dye is one of the cosmetic products that most women today use. The hair color is just as good as it can cause a lot of damage to the hair. It is better to use a hair color that has good ingredients.
      Mobo's color is said to contain a pigment that people color their hair to cover their white hair or to change their appearance.
      Hair color is called hair follicle pigment, which is made up of two types of melanin. Any more melanin is hair, the darker the hair color and the less the hair color is brighter.
      We have two types of hair colors:
      1. Herbal Hair Color 2. Hair Color
      It is best to use the color of hair with a low percentage of ammonia or even without ammonia.
      Note that the entire color of the hair you see on the catalog is on the dyed hair.