Today, the use of lenses is very medical or beauty, and most women use lenses to change their faces. One of the other reasons is the use of lens, moderation of youth and demanding similarities to libraries. Lenses have different types, but unfortunately some of them do not have standards for use and create irreparable risks for us. The cornea uses oxygen directly. So, the first point in choosing the right lens is the fact that it can transfer oxygen well into the cornea of ​​our eyes. Preventing the entry of harmful UV rays to the eye. Also, keep the eye moisture and do not feel dry in your eyes when the lens is inside your eyes. To use the lens to date and time, use it carefully. Some lenses are once in use, others may have a few weeks to several months, so do not forget about this important point. Use a special frame to hold the lens. Use dry and sterile fluids to prevent dryness. When inserting a lens in your eyesight, be sure to observe the health precautions to ensure that your eyes are healthy.