Loral Eyebrow Lifting Soap

As you know, Hashuri and Natural brows are very popular these days. In fact, eyebrow soap helps keep brows drooping and set upward. To use the product, unlike similar products, you do not need water and fixed sprays.
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Eyebrows play an essential role in the beauty of people's faces and its happiness gives a special charm to the face. At different time periods, different eyebrow models became trending. Today, thick, unshaven eyebrows, just like in the 1990s, have once again become a popular model around the world. Eyebrow lift with eyebrow soap is one of the methods used to arrange and shape thick eyebrows. Aside from the fashion debate, as you get older, your eyelids and eyebrows become drooping, which is not at all pleasant for women. Eyebrow lift with the best eyebrow soap can be very effective in removing drooping eyebrows and creating happy faces in older women.


Use of eyebrow lift soap

Eyebrow soap is a type of eyebrow cleanser that is a good alternative to eyebrow gel and hairdressers use it to condition and strengthen eyebrow hair.


Loral eyebrow lift soap (ĽORÉAL)

As you know, Hashuri and Natural eyebrows are very popular these days. In fact, eyebrow soap helps to keep your eyebrows from drooping and fixed upwards. Unlike similar products, you do not need water or spray to use the product.


L'Oreal is a well-known brand that is a quality product of France. Almost most women know this brand. L'Oreal brand eyebrow lift soap is completely herbal with a clear color. This product is supplied in a container with a large opening, which allows you to easily place the brush head inside the soap material.


ورORÉAL brand:

The creator of the L'Oreal brand, Eugène Schuler, a young chemist with an entrepreneurial spirit, invented a new formula for making harmless hair dye in 1909 and named it Oréale. He used his own formula to make cosmetics and then Sold to hairdressers in Paris.


لORÉAL brand


The hair dye he produced contained henna and mineral salts and gave the hair a bright appearance. Schuler registered his company in 1919 as the French harmless hair dye, which was later renamed L'Oreal. The company offered its products based on research and innovation in the beauty products industry. In 1920, L'Oreal hired 3 chemists, and by 1950 the number of powerful members of its team had reached 100. This growing trend continued in the following years, so that it was able to increase the number of its employees to one thousand by 1984. And currently their number is more than 80,000 people.

How to use eyebrow soap:

All you have to do is apply the sponge (eyebrow brush) back and forth on the soap. First, brush the clean brush 5 to 6 times on the soap and you will see the volume of ingredients on your brush. It is different in different eyebrows. It may be a thick eyebrow that needs this step twice or a low eyebrow that needs a small amount of material. Then comb your eyebrows down. Soap the brush again. Comb your eyebrows upwards.


If you have thick eyebrows, re-soap the brush and shape it upwards. To shape, you can use the flat head brush that is inside the package. Finally, drag your finger to fix it on the eyebrows. Be sure to wash the brush every time after use. Otherwise, the soap dries on the brush and in the next use, it causes whitening on the eyebrows. Finally, drag your finger to fix it on the eyebrows. Be sure to wash the brush every time after use. Otherwise, the soap dries on the brush and in the next use, it causes whitening on the eyebrows.


Features of L'Oreal Lift Eyebrow Soap:
L'Oreal eyebrow soap is produced with good quality and reasonable price. In addition to lifting the eyebrows and giving them the desired shape, this soap; Enriched with rosemary, it also strengthens and thickens the eyebrows. How to use Beka eyebrow lift soap is that you first moisten the surface of an eyebrow brush with water spray or fixed spray, then lift the brush directly on the soap. You draw the eyebrow and comb the eyebrows with it and give your eyebrows the model you want. Wait a few minutes for the wet soap on the eyebrows to dry and the eyebrows to be fixed as desired.


24 Hour Eyebrow Soap ورORÉAL France
Eyebrow lift
Strengthens and thickens eyebrows
It does not dry the eyebrows and does not cause drooping
Transparent and anti-allergic material
Contains rosemary, contains vitamin E.
high durability
High Quality
Without creating white on the eyebrows
Completely herbal
Diameter 5 by 2 cm
Weight 30 grams, large volume

Features of L'Oreal Eyebrow Lift Soap


Important points before using eyebrow soap

Before using eyebrow soap, note that the use of this product is needed in a series of cases to prevent skin and eyebrow damage.

Eyebrow soap is a cheap and easy method that gives you the ability to fix your eyebrows in the desired direction and enjoy it well.


Buy eyebrow soap

When buying, you should be careful that eyebrow soap will have side effects that you should not forget about these side effects. For example, if you buy from unreliable brands or if the soap ingredients are sensitive to you, you will face a problem that may damage your skin and eyebrows.


The disadvantage that improper eyebrow soap may cause to the eyebrow is that over time it becomes aware of b