One of the beauty products that women are fond of are lacquers, and this is a popularity because of the unique color variation that exists in the varnishes. Blindness can multiply the appearance of your hands, and the appearance Make your nails look more beautiful. The existence of a clean, easy-to-clean pad and varnish pads allow you to enjoy more than just a variety of colors on your nails and try new colors every time. It's interesting to know that lacquers increase the strength and durability of your nails, but when buying a lacquer, buy well-known brands. Today, new varnishes with the name of Gelish have entered the market, which uses this type of lacquer has special rules. Like a regular lacquer on the nail, but for drying and fixing it, you need a device called YOU. The benefits of these varnishes can be indicated by their long-term stability, but the color of these varnishes can not be changed very quickly. Because these varnishes are not removable with lacquer cleaners, they should be cleaned with a relatively thick layer made with these varnishes using nail sunglasses and specially designed timbers.