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Freeman Face Mask & Facial Scrub vinegar series

Freeman Face Mask & Facial Scrub vinegar series
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A decade ago, cosmetic cleansers were almost exclusively made of oil and were used only to remove mascara and lipstick. Everything from micellar water to cleansing oils is now readily available on the market.

Various models of cleansers, face and eye makeup have been produced and marketed with the aim of completely removing all particles of cosmetics on your skin. Unlike conventional cleansers, which are designed to remove the effects of colored cosmetics such as powder creams, concealers, eye shadows, and more. Also, regular cleansers can not completely remove cosmetic particles from the skin

. At the end of the day, it is very necessary to clean the skin from impurities, grease or cosmetics to use cosmetic cleansers. In a way, not cleaning the skin and sleeping with makeup will cause the skin pores to close, causing acne and pimples and premature aging. In this regard, the use of these products is more important. Also, cosmetic cleanser should be appropriate for each person's skin type, because skin care is very essential and it is better to use quality products for makeup and cleansing.

Makeup is an attractive and lovable part for women, but cleaning it has become an inseparable concern with it. In this section, we help you to know the different types of washing methods and use the most suitable ones for washing after make-up.

To clean the face after makeup, you can use various methods such as washing gels, wet wipes, cleansing milk, post-makeup toner, special soaps for washing the face. Each of these methods is suitable for removing makeup from your skin, but washes that come with water are more suitable. Candidate for washing products that are suitable for your skin type. All washing gels have different types, suitable for dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, and choose the most suitable one according to them.

Facial cleanser

As you know, facial cleansers are one of the most basic and important skin products that you should never neglect. Because neglecting daily cleansing of your skin in the short and long term will cause uncomfortable problems. Tired appearance, dull skin, open and dirty pores and fine and coarse facial wrinkles are just some of the injuries that you can prevent by choosing the right facial cleanser.

Types of facial cleansers

Skin cleansers can be divided into the following four categories:

Wipe the milk

Cleansing milk is one of the best types of facial cleansers for sensitive and dry skin because their soft and creamy texture, in addition to cleansing, also prevents allergies.

Cleansing gel

Cleansing gel

This category of facial cleanser is suitable for oily skin. These products have a gel-like texture and foam a little.

cleansing foam

Foams are foaming cleansers and also balance skin oil. In addition, this product will be suitable for dry skin due to its light and soft texture.


These types of facial cleansers are very useful after washing the skin. Toners remove impurities from the pores of the skin and balance the pH of the skin with moisturizing compounds.

Milk is one of the best cleansers

Definitely funny and maybe ridiculous for you who read this article, but milk can clean your makeup or even establish itself as the best makeup remover for your face. To do this, just take a certain amount of milk from the refrigerator and pour a few drops of sweet almond oil into it and mix. This solution can easily clean your makeup. It should be noted that the milk expires before consumption.

Milk is one of the best cleansers

Concluding remarks

Most of us have doubts about whether to wash our face with warm water only to prevent dry skin or to use alkaline-based detergents that cause the skin to lose its natural oil. It is not easy to say what to do in this case, because a proper facial cleanser should remove both water-soluble and fat-soluble particles. In general, your skin is exposed to toxins and impurities during the day. Crimes and open air found in your workplace, etc. Now consider hot air or physical activity and body sweat that contains toxins. Water alone will not be a good choice to remove impurities.