Makeup cleanser

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      Freeman Face Mask & Facial Scrub vinegar series

      Freeman Face Mask & Facial Scrub vinegar series
      62,000 تومان

      Makeup and makeup is a lovely and attractive part for ladies, but as much as erasing it, it has become an inseparable concern. In this section, we will help you to understand a variety of washing methods and use the most suitable for washing after a meal. To clean face after makeup, you can use a variety of methods, such as a variety of washing gels, damp cloths, a variety of cleansers, a toner after makeup, special soaps for face washing. Each of these methods is suitable for cleansing the makeup of your skin, but the rinses that are in the water are more suitable. For washing, nominate a product that suits your skin type. All special wash gels are suitable for dry skin, greasy skin, and sensitive skin that best suits them.