Night and day cream

As time goes on, the age of the skin varies. At age 30, skin collagenization is reduced, which is better to avoid day and night creams to prevent collagen degradation, the cream of the day cream is like a night cream. The difference is that the cream is a sunshine and resistant to sunlight.
Skin is one of the most important things that should not be forgotten because skin also needs to be fed.
A major part of skin rejuvenation usually happens at night, night creams are thicker and stronger than day creams, which actually moisturize skin and this moisture absorbs all your skin overnight.
Due to nutrients, this cream can compensate for all the injuries that the skin has been absorbed during the day and cause the skin to become younger.
People with dry skin have redness and inflammation on their skin. It is best to use night regenerative creams.

The use of the night cream promotes the hydration of the skin and maintains the elasticity of your skin.