Scrub and face peeling

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      Freeman Face Mask & Facial Scrub vinegar series

      Freeman Face Mask & Facial Scrub vinegar series
      62,000 تومان

      Scrub means peeling. Our skin is constantly exposed to contamination, cosmetics, dust particles and so on, so our pores are closed and they lose their glow, freshness and well-being. To solve this problem, we suggest you use scrubs and peels. Our skin is constantly in the making of a new cell cycle. When you use scrubs, supernatants are cleared of dead cells, new and new layers are replaced. In fact, scrubs accelerate this natural cycle, and soften and Brings brightness to our skin. Scrubs have different types. Some are creamy, liquid, and solid. The use of scrubs results in more moisture absorption and rejuvenates your skin.