Serum and tonic hair

The short and the long hair is one of the things that make a difference in beauty. My hair is one of the cosmetic products used to care for hair.
People whose hair is lost due to a variety of factors, such as air pollution, color and debris, hairdryer and ironing, etc., can use the hair serum.
The hair serum keeps hair moisture and brightens the hair, softens the hair, prevents hair loss and dries hair. It is also used before hair loss to prevent hair from using hair serum. In fact, it can be said that the hair serum creates a protective layer on the hair to minimize the damage caused by the hair dryer, otto and Babylon.
By using the hair serum, hair straightening will make the hair more luminous and brighten the hair color.
How to use a hair serum: Apply a small amount of serum on the palm of your hand and then apply a stalk of hair. Serum should not be applied to the scalp.