Today, tattoos have many fans in different societies. Both aspects have beauty and therapeutic aspect. Many of the defects caused by the disease can be covered with tattoos, such as those who have lost their eyebrows through chemotherapy or those who have a sore lips, can eliminate these defects with tattoos. It has also become fashionable in beauty and has a lot of fans among girls and boys. Many women use a tattoo to make a permanent makeup. The tattoo in the make-up replaces the eyeliner, lipstick, lipstick, make-up eyebrows. More than ninety percent of hairdressers do their tattoo professionally. There are several different tattoo methods today, with different levels of elegance and precision, such as microprocessing, microplating, microfibre, shadow, and so on. It is worth mentioning that while wearing a tattoo, you will need to have a hairdresser's health card, as well as a fresh and sterile needle and the colors that work with them.