Tattoo Transfer Design

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ANCHORED stencil fluid

A good tattoo starts with a good stencil. After years of developing and testing different materials, as well as the use of knowledge and trial and error, Nico Hertado introduced the Anchor. Anchor conveys your design quite clearly

Chinese Sprite Stencil Paper

Chinese stencil sheet or carbon sprite is a quality carbon from Sprite brand, which is a product of China and is available in different qualities. The purpose of producing this carbon is low price. Although it does not reach its original quality, but it has a better quality than other Chinese competitors.

Copier thermal stencil paper

Due to the thermal performance of the stencil sheet for thermal copier, you can transfer your design with much higher quality than other stencil papers, and this will increase the quality of your work.

Electrom Gold stencil liquid

Electrum Tattoo Gold is a new product from Electrom Company, which has tried to make the work of dear tattoo artists easier to transfer designs by producing this product. Transferring the correct and complete design is one of the factors influencing the work of tattoo artists, because if the design you are considering does not transfer well or is erased during the work, you will have trouble getting the tattoo.

Electrom stencil (transmitter) fluid

Electrom stencil (transmitter) liquid is a new product of Electrom company that has tried to make the work of dear tattoo artists easier to transfer designs by producing this product.

Stencil SHEET Sprite 5 pieces

Sprite sheet stencil paper (single sheet) is used by international tattoo artists. This paper has a very rich carbon that using it with the original transfer material makes the design last on the skin until the tattoo is finished.

To accurately do the tattoo design on the skin, in the first step and to start performing the body tattoo, you need a precise and complete pattern that will not be erased during the work. The reason is that most tattoo designs have a lot of details. So it is possible that if you do not use a precise pattern, you will execute some of these details incorrectly and your final design will not have the desired quality. Also, as you know, a tattoo is a permanent design on the skin, and if you make a wrong tattoo design. Clearing it with methods such as laser, etc. is a difficult task and has many problems, so one of the most important and basic factors affecting the quality of the tattoo is to prepare a pattern for this work from the method of stencil tattoo design and transfer of tattoo design on. The skin is used, which is made with stencil paper and electro stencil.

What is stencil paper?

Stencil paper, also known as body tattoo carbon, is used in the first step, the tattoo design template. This paper consists of three sheets: carbon, carbon shield, and carbon back and front leaves.

How to use stencil paper and stencil making
1. Print the design you want
2. Then place the printed design on the carbonated side of the stencil paper and fix it.
3. Now use a pen to draw on all the main lines of the design and details you want
4. Now all the lines that you drew in the previous step are stenciled exactly on the back of the sheet that you took from the printed design and are ready to be transferred on the skin.

What is Electro Stencil?

Electrom stencil is a kind of liquid that helps you to transfer your design and template completely on the skin of your customer's body, and due to the high durability of this product, it will not be erased on the skin when getting a tattoo and will not cause you any problems. . The high durability of this product is important in that the design is not cleaned or spread at the time of execution and the design is transferred completely correctly and in principle.

How to use the electro-stencil and transfer the tattoo design on the skin
The applicant must have corrected the area for the tattoo the day before.
2. Using alcoholic cleansing and disinfecting solutions for the skin, we clean the desired area well from any dirt, grease and also dead layers of the skin (before printing the design and tattooing, the desired area must be disinfected)
3. Apply the required amount of electro-stencil liquid on the skin (to prevent it from printing incompletely on the skin, it is better that the skin is impregnated with the required amount of printing solution)
4. Now put your template on the skin and wait a few minutes for the complete transfer of the design
5. Then remove the paper and your design is completely transferred