Calibrated facial ruler

Calibrated facial ruler is one of the symmetrical eyebrow design tools in tattoo and micropigmentation techniques. The first stress and concern in eyebrow micropigmentation is its symmetrical design.
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The graduated facial ruler is one of the tattoo equipments and tools for symmetrical eyebrow design in tattoo and micropigmentation techniques. The first stress and concern in eyebrow micropigmentation is its symmetrical design.
In addition, the design should fit the customer's cup because the tattoo is a relatively durable design. In case of a mistake, especially a design mistake, it is difficult to correct and requires removal or laser. So, you need tools like caliper, glue ruler, divider, calibrated ruler and و. The choice of any of these tools is entirely a matter of taste.

But based on the experience of professional tattoo artists, it is better to use a graduated facial ruler because the degrees on this ruler are quite clear and you can easily create symmetrical eyebrows on your clients' faces.

Profile of a calibrated facial ruler

A graduated ruler is an inexpensive tool that is easy to design. How to work with this product is very easy and you can use it easily with one training.

It has a tab for the middle of the eyebrow that easily and quickly determines the distance between the two eyebrows, the distance from the center of the nose line and the height of the eyebrow crown on both sides. The ruler sequence is also calibrated so that the height of the eyebrows can be measured from both sides.

After designing the eyebrows and putting numbness, some of the designed parts may be cleaned by pulling a cotton pad while working. If you use a graduated face ruler, you can redraw the lines without stress until the end. If you draw the initial lines with magic surgery (tattoo magic) or drawing pencil, you can remove the ruler after drawing the eyebrows.

The advantage of a graduated face ruler

Another advantage of the graduated face ruler is that, because it sticks to the skin, precise and symmetrical lines can be drawn on both sides of the face. The height of the eyebrows and the distance to the hair growth on both sides of the face are carefully measured. Other models of these rulers do not show good flexibility, and because this ruler must be placed directly on the skin of people, its flexibility is very important.

These rulers that are available in the market are usually disposable, especially if they are kept on the face until the end of the tattoo, because in this case they are contaminated with paint and blood.

But if the graduated face ruler is removed after design, it can be used indefinitely, so Bano Ara's advice to you tattoo artists is to first define your design environment with the help of a graduated ruler and a pencil, then a graduated ruler. Remove and perform the tattoo operation.