Argan oil and vitamin A in the five-star Five Star tattoo design spray, while used on the skin, also makes the skin soft and supple.
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Today, the use of tattoos is on the rise among the people, and people are looking for the best in this field. Due to the disadvantages of permanent tattoos, some companies decided to produce temporary tattoos.

Temporary sticker tattoos were a failed project for tattoo companies because at first glance, everyone realized that it was just a cheap sticker and nothing more.

So the world's largest tattoo companies, often in China and Thailand, have risen to meet the needs of those who want to have a temporary tattoo while still not getting the quality of a permanent tattoo.


Five star tattoo design spray

The big company Five Star Tattoo started its activity in the field of producing tattoo paints and tattoo machines in Iran. This company always tried to produce the best in Iran, which caused it to be noticed among the people and the reputation of Five Star Company in Iran.

The company has been working in this field for many years with the help of dermatologists and many experiments, and launched a product called Five Star Five Star Tattoo Design Spray, which astonished Iran.

Because Five Star Five Star Tattoo Design Spray gives you a temporary tattoo that is not much different from a permanent tattoo, and it is so natural that everyone who sees it on your skin will stop until you tell him and he is surprised. Do not think that a tattoo is permanent and even 1% do not think that the tattoo you have on your skin is temporary and you can remove it whenever you want.

Features of five star

With this spray, you can get a tattoo in less than 1 minute without the need for a device or even someone else. Among the differences between this brand and other brands can be attributed to the great variety of designs that are suitable for every taste, both among men and women, the quality of the tattoos they do, the ability to execute detailed designs and its much higher durability. He mentioned other sprays on the market.

Argan oil and vitamin A in the five-star Five Star tattoo design spray, while used on the skin, also makes the skin soft and supple.

Method of Use

First, spray some Five Star Five Star tattoo design spray on clean skin. Then place the desired design on the printed side of your skin and press the design on your skin for 10 to 15 seconds and be careful not to shake the design.

Then remove your hand from the design and spray on it and wait 10 seconds without touching it. At this stage, the skin release sheet leaves you. Gently remove the design from the skin.