Repair spare set

This spare set of repairs is almost complete and can meet all personal needs, and with a low cost, you can always maintain your equipment.
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The process of tattoo formation is relatively simple, but most parts of this process are done with the help of special equipment, and the tattoo artist himself is only responsible for coloring different parts of the skin, these equipments include different parts, each of which They have different uses.

The tattoo artist who performs the tattoo process for you may not have all of these accessories, and the important point here is that not all of these tools need to be used, but each of them is used for a specific type of tattoo that can be identified using them. It depends on the tattoo artist.

What is basic tattoo equipment?

Of course, you do not need to buy all the tattoo equipment when you are just starting out. To get started, your tattoo supplies and equipment should always include a tattoo needle, tattoo color transfer tube, tip and handle, different tattoo colors, tattoo machine , Stencil products and power supply. Proper tattoo equipment can lead you to create beautiful works that will satisfy your customers.

What are the best tattoo tools for beginners?

Pen machine: Pen machines can be used today for beginners and semi-professionals. These machines do not weigh as much as the main tattoo machines and have a very small needle, which makes tattoo artists able to create more beautiful tattoos. .
Relatively complete tattoo kit: After passing the necessary tattoo courses and being able to create the initial shapes through the pen machine, you should prepare a semi-complete kit. Most tattoo artists meet their needs with this kit, but If you have a lot of progress, you should go for complete kits.
Complete tattoo equipment kit: This kit has a relatively high price, so we recommended that novices do not buy the complete tattoo equipment kit from the beginning, by purchasing this kit, you will have all the equipment needed to form any type of tattoo.

Repair spare set

All the equipment mentioned above needs to be repaired, and we suggest that you always have your equipment repaired periodically by having a spare set of repairs. Be done periodically so that it is not necessary to overhaul the equipment.

This spare set of repairs is almost complete and can meet all personal needs, and with a low cost, you can always maintain your equipment.


Learning a tattoo at home is not a problem, but Bano Ara's advice to you dear ones about tattoo training is to first try to learn this process in a principled way and in the relevant classes, then with the help of a pen and tattoo training colors, information and knowledge. Apply your hair on the training skin to become a complete master in this field, then apply the tattoo process on human skin.