Most people know the beige tattoo color of WordPress Oleg Medium Skin as a face tattoo color, but this product is not only suitable for facial tattoos, but also for covering, shading and filling. Due to the proper distribution of pigments in this product, it is used to perform the most professional tattoo shades.
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What do you think is the worst thing that can happen to a tattoo? Some people do not get tattoos on their bodies for fear of losing the color of the tattoo and the ugliness of the tattoo site. Undoubtedly, if you use inappropriate and low-quality products, you should expect such consequences.
But what is the solution to this issue? If you ask professional tattooists this question, they will pause without a moment and say that the most important choice in performing a tattoo is choosing the color of the tattoo, because no matter how much you use advanced equipment and equipment in the tattoo, you have not chosen a professional color. You have practically tried in vain.



This color was welcomed by many professional tattoo artists and certainly the reason for this unique welcome is the high quality of this product. As mentioned in the name of this product, this tattoo color is dynamic, which means that by performing certain processes, they have been able to bring this color to its maximum effectiveness.

Oleg Medium Skin Word Tattoo Color (Beige) has a variety of uses, but most of it is used for facial tattoo color, the quality of the pigments of this product is amazing and can maintain its original appearance for a long time.

Color Features of World Famous OLEG MEDIUM SKIN

Various uses
Most people know the WordFimes Oleg Medium Skin Beige Tattoo Color as a face tattoo color, but in addition to being a good fit for face tattoos, it is also suitable for veneer, shading and filling. Due to the proper distribution of pigments in this product, it is used to perform the most professional tattoo shades.

Note that the weight of this color is high due to the high weight of the pigments. Also, this color can not be combined with other colors and should be used individually, we suggest people who are not professional in tattooing to use this color. Do not.

Appropriate product volume
World Famous OLEG MEDIUM SKIN 15 ml World Famous OLEG MEDIUM SKIN tattoo color is produced in a volume of 15 ml, which can meet the needs of all types of customers, if you want to get a tattoo on your skin once, a volume of 15 ml is very suitable. Is and can completely meet your needs. The packaging of this product is also very professional and you will not have to worry about spoiling or spoiling the tattoo color.

Color stabilization
As we said, the manufacturer of this product, using modern methods, has been able to make the pigments pre-dispersed. This feature helps, immediately after the injection of the first tattoo needle, the color is quickly placed in the desired places and for For a long time with the same original quality as your skin guest.

Product originality
This product is made in the USA and due to the proper packaging, it is not possible to make a fake of this product. Also, on all the products of this company, hologram and QRcode are installed, which can easily trace the originality of this product.