C`MARY Chocolate Brown 10ML

It is a light brown color with olive tonnage and its dark pigment is active, which can be used for watercolor tattoos or tattoos that have many different colors. This color is also used for face tattoos and body portraits.
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What do you think is the most important choice in the tattoo process? In the process of tattooing the face or body tattoo, different factors play a role that make the final result appear in the best possible way. One of the most important choices in this process is choosing the color of the tattoo because the rare choice of tattoo color makes the tattoo after a while Get rid of clutter and waste your money.
Choosing the right tattoo color is very important because with the increase of public interest in tattoos, unhealthy and unprincipled colors have entered the market, the use of which has serious consequences and is directly related to people's health.

If the tattoo is done in a principled way, the pigments in the tattoo color must first pass through the first defense barrier of the body, which is the fat in the skin, by sterile cartridges and reach the second layer of the skin to be effective, so dear users must be careful. Make sure that all tattoo artists' equipment is sterile and that the tattoo color is free of any carcinogens.


C`MARY Chocolate Brown 10ML


In general, tattoo colors are divided into two groups: water-based and oil-based. Simari colors are water-based, but their technology is such that these tattoo colors are very suitable for the face and body.

Water-based paints usually have a thin appearance, and if they are soaked in water, they dissolve easily in water.

When you apply water-based paints on your hands, the paint dries quickly. Water-based tattoo colors are usually smooth and uniform and change color less than oil-based paints. Distilled water is used to dissolve these types of paints.

Features of C`MARY Chocolate Brown 10ML

C`MARY Chocolate Brown 10ML is a light brown toned olive with a dark pigment active that can be used for watercolor tattoos or tattoos that have many different colors. Dyes are also used for facial tattoos and body portraits.

This paint has pure color pigments and high durability and does not change color tonnage. C`MARY Chocolate Brown 10ML Chocolate Tattoo Color Output is without a doubt one of the best chocolate colors on the market.

C`MARY Chocolate Brown 10ML chocolate tattoo color has a suitable and special packaging box. Also, QRcode and hologram are placed on this package so that the possibility of selling fake products reaches zero and you always receive the main product.

All C`MARY paints are based on medical principles and in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 13485 and CE medical standards and are produced in South Korea. These paints do not contain any toxic substances, chemicals, preservatives and toxic heavy metals and are completely compatible with the skin and human body.