Dragonhawk Pen device

Dragonhawk pen is one of the most popular Dragonhawk pens.The Dragonhawk 3.5 mm stroke device allows you to perform both shadow and line techniques with unparalleled accuracy.
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Body tattoo is a line and shading. Each of these tattoo models has its own uses and shapes. Tattoos are a desirable design on human skin, and since it is a lasting role, it is very important to use the best tattoo equipment and original colors to perform it to achieve a beautiful and perfect design. The tattoo machine is a type of tattoo gun that is used for this purpose and has many fans.

Tattoo with pen machine

The operation of the device by which the tattoo is done is that the needles inject the color of the tattoo into the skin in a reciprocating manner, so that the tattoo device chosen for this job must have a high impact power. Be able to inject the tattoo artist's desired color well into the skin, because if the color injection is not done well and the paint is injected on the skin surface, its durability will decrease and it will disappear after a short time.

Another thing that a tattoo machine should have is that the machine should have the right weight so that the tattoo artist does not get tired while working with it and does not feel the weight of the machine in his hand, because if the weight of the tattoo is high and causes tattoo fatigue. Become an artist while working, tattoo artist can not do his job properly and may also lose focus.

Features of Dragonhawk pen dialen device

The Dragonhawk Pen Dialon is one of the most popular Dragon Hawk pens. The 3.5 mm Dragonhawk Pen Dial Trouch allows you to perform two shadow and line techniques with unparalleled precision.

The Dylan pen benefits from a powerful Japanese engine, which is followed by its advanced gear system as well as its long service life. This pen is one of the super silent devices due to its extremely low noise.

It also has extremely low vibration, which has a significant effect on increasing accuracy when performing techniques. Adjustable needle depth for this device is 0-4.5 mm.

Its extremely light weight is about 140 grams, which will allow you to use it during long hours of the tattoo process. The recommended voltage for this device is 5-11 volts, and of course we recommend you to increase the useful life of this device. Is not used more than 11V. (Note that these recommended values ​​vary depending on the speed of each tattoo artist).

The contents of the box of this device include the connection cable for Dragon Hawk pen. This device is compatible with all cartridges for pen devices.