Panda IBrown Tattoo Color

This product is one of the best choices for facial tattoos because the amount of color distribution in the body is very low and can be used for sensitive tattoos. This product has a volume of 15 ml and in a completely professional packaging in Canada. It is produced and available in Iran.
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One of the biggest concerns of tattoo artists is the quality of the tattoo color. Because the color quality of the tattoo is completely related to the end result.
According to research in most countries, poor quality tattoo colors have caused problems for tattoo artists and people who get tattoos on their bodies. Undoubtedly, no tattoo artist is interested in ruining his work samples, and no one is interested. Does not leave inappropriate tattoos on your body.

Consequences of buying inappropriate tattoo colors
The disadvantages of choosing the wrong tattoo color are the change of color after a short time, the spread of color, infection, lack of color and many other problems that have caused dissatisfaction among many artists.
Using nano-pig cutting technology, Ibrown has made tattoo pigments as small as possible. Exclusively available at Ibrown, Nano Pig Cutting Technology allows tattoo pigments to be absorbed under the layers with the first touch of a needle through the skin.
Due to the presence of water and due to the specialized research of Ibrown scientists, the skin of the face (lips, eyebrows and eyeliner) penetrates completely under the layers and is quickly absorbed and stabilized. So all the worries can be solved with this method.

Features of Panda I Brown Brown Tattoo Color
The color of Panda ibrown Panda ibrown tattoo is light brown with caramel color tonnage. One of the most important features that brown colors should have is that they can be used in different places and meet all the needs of the person.
This color is one of the brown colors, a medium light brown that has a neutral color tonnage. You can even use this color alone.
The quality of the pigments in this product is amazing, the pigments are of A + quality and therefore there is no change in color. Extensive research and iBrown experiments on tattoo cosmetics have led to good international popularity for this reputable company.
The volume of this product is very affordable and it is suitable for most personal needs because Panda i Brown tattoo color is produced in a volume of 15 ml and you no longer need to spend extra money to buy a large number of tattoo colors.
On all products, iBron hologram and QRcode are listed, which can easily be used to check the Canadian authenticity of this product with smartphones. Also, the name of the manufacturer is listed on the box of this product.
In addition to all the points mentioned above, the packaging process is done in a completely hygienic way, and the company has been able to obtain valid international licenses such as GMP, CPNP and BUC.