Persian cat ibrown Tattoo Color

This product is one of the best choices for facial tattoos because the amount of color distribution in the body is very low and can be used for sensitive tattoos. This product has a volume of 15 ml and in a completely professional packaging in Canada. It is produced and available in Iran.
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One of the biggest concerns of tattoo artists or tattoo artists from beginner to professional is the quality of tattoo color. The worst thing that can happen to a tattoo is the spread of the tattoo color on the body, which creates a very ugly scene.
For this reason, you should use colors that are professionally designed and produced and have the least amount of playback. I Brown Company is one of the leading companies in this field that the special tattoo colors of this company can be used in different places of the body, especially the face, and the first-class quality of this product can be observed.

Persian cat ibrown brown tattoo color with Persian cat ibrown brand is dark brown and has an olive-colored tonnage, which has made this color too popular.
The color of Persian Kat I Brown tattoo
One of the colors that combines perfectly with Persian Kat i Brown tattoo color is red tonnage or color range, when red tattoo colors are combined with this color, their opacity increases and for tattoo shades or dark parts, the combination The right color is obtained.

Persian cat ibrown tattoo color Persian cat ibrown is one of the brown colors with tonnage or cool color range, cold colors are generally referred to as a range of colors that are lifeless and because a professional tattoo It seems that a combination of cold and warm colors should be used. Olive pigments of this color are also more active than other pigments of this color.

Bano Ara's advice to tattoo artists and loved ones who intend to use Persian Kat i Brown tattoo tattoo color is to use Persian Kat color for people who have warm skin (white skin), because its olive color pigment, Neutralizes red skin pigments.

But if the person who wants to get a tattoo on their body has cold skin (green skin), it is better to use warm neutrals (orange) in the color combination.

Features of Persian Kat I Brown Brown Tattoo Color
Color stabilization: Dark colors are the colors that are more likely to spread on the skin, using the latest methods in the world, i Brown does not spread pigments under the skin, and this is one of the reasons why Let the products of this company become one of the most popular colors in the market.

Suitable volume and originality of the product: This product is produced in a volume of 15 ml, with this suitable volume, facial tattoos can be easily done. The volume of 15 ml makes you not need to buy two packages of tattoo colors for facial tattoos. And you can meet your needs with one color.

Also, Persian Kat I Brown brown tattoo color is produced under the supervision of Canada and has a very high quality. On the box of this product, there is a hologram and production code, which can easily check the authenticity of the product.