rocket 5 pen

The pen tattoo machine is a pencil like a pen or pencil, lightness and reasonable price are the main features of the pen machine. If you can easily use it properly and because of the light weight of this type of pen, do the watch without working.
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Body tattoo is a line and shading. Each of these tattoo models has its own uses and shapes. Tattoos are a desirable design on human skin, and since it is a lasting role, it is very important to use the best tattoo equipment and original colors to perform it to achieve a beautiful and perfect design. The tattoo machine is a type of tattoo gun that is used for this purpose and has many fans.

Rocket 5 rocket tattoo machine

The tattoo pen is like a pencil to a pen or pencil, lightness and reasonable price are the main features of the pen. You can easily hold it and because of the light weight of this type of pen, you can work with it for hours without getting tired.

As the name implies, it is very similar to a pen or pencil, and is completely silent. The strength of this device is very high, and it is easy to maintain.

Features of rocket 5 pen

Precision control: Penta tattoo machine, completely round rotation is designed for maximum accuracy and control. Size: 6.7 4. 4.7 2.0 2.0 inches. This ergonomic machine, by imitating the grip and feel of a real pen, can make tattoos more comfortable and accurate than traditional machines.

Stable and safe operation: 5 rocket 5 pen machine uses small motors, in the motor machine is smooth in the operating frequency curve, without impact oscillation, in the current trend, the response curve can have rapid convergence, so to achieve Made of elastic degree effect.

Powerful motor: Combined with a high-horsepower motor, 5000-9000RPM, powerful and stable power, can adjust the voltage size according to the need to control the intensity and frequency.

Durable use: To ensure more durability, the latest off-center ten-groove disc has been selected in this product. For this reason, this product can be used for a variety of heavy tattoos that sometimes take several hours.

Light weight for easy operation: The rocket 5 rocket 5 pen is a very light pen with high hardness suitable for coating and shading, it is easy to control, input and receive. This tattoo machine has a smooth function without any vibration. You can use this pen to do tattoos, permanent eyebrow makeup, lip liner, eyeliner

This product is one of the best-selling pens in the market and one of the newest tattoo machines offered by the big rocket company, which has found a very good position among tattoo artists. Anti-allergy body and super quality is one of the positive points of this device. The Japanese motor of this device has made it extremely high quality and has minimized the vibration of the device and as a result will create more accuracy for you. Another advantage The benefits of this pen are its very long useful life.