Zebra Black ibrown

This product is one of the best choices for facial tattoos because the amount of color distribution in the body is very low and can be used for sensitive tattoos. This product has a volume of 15 ml and in a completely professional packaging in Canada. It is produced and available in Iran.
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One of the worst things that can happen to a tattoo is the spread of tattoo color on the body, which creates a very ugly scene, so you should use colors that are professionally designed and produced with the least amount of spread. Have. I Brown Company is one of the leading companies in this field that the color of Zebra Black i Brown Brown tattoo can be used in face and body tattoos, especially for places that are very sensitive.

Features of Black Zebra Black I Brown Tattoo Color
Color stabilization
Black is one of the colors that is more likely to spread on the skin, using the latest methods in the world, i Brown does not spread pigments under the skin, and this is one of the reasons why one of the Become the most popular black colors on the market. But we recommend that you use warm neutrals such as orange or red in your mix to prevent any possible spread (because black is made up of blue pigments).

Various uses
Zebra Black ibrown tattoo color is black and suitable for eyeliner and lines (fonts, text and lines). This color is one of the Outlining colors and has no color distribution. In the eyeliner, the sensitivity of the work is very high. Also, in small writings, the accuracy of the work should be high, this color with the highest quality will deliver the best result to you.

Definitely one of the most important factors for choosing black is the lack of color change that the color of Zebra Black i Brown tattoo has been able to meet the expectations in this regard.

Appropriate volume
This product is produced in a volume of 15 ml, with this suitable volume, you can easily do a face tattoo. The volume of 15 ml means that you do not need to buy two packages of tattoo colors for a face tattoo, and you can meet your needs with Be a responsive color.

Product originality
This product is produced under the supervision of Canada and has a very high quality, on the box of this product there is a hologram and production code that can easily check the authenticity of the product.

In general, be very careful when using black tattoo color. Also, be careful when using the principles announced by the tattoo artist, because the color is spread on the tattoo site with the slightest mistake.

One of the most important principles in tattoo and micropigmentation is the use of original and quality colors. Because the ultimate goal is to discuss the beauty and implantation of color under the skin, and the quality and health of the color is very important. Zebra Black I Brown is one of the best options to meet these goals.

Do not use water to dilute this product in any way. Although these products are water based, you should use distilled water to dilute them.